Solar Chevron Panel

Solar Energy Is Power From The Sun's Rays That Reach Earth. Using Photovoltaic Cells Made From Silicon Alloys, Sunlight Can Be Converted Into Other Forms Of Energy, Such As Electricity. Chevron Is Exploring Photovoltaic Technologies To Support The Company's Operations


Solar Panel 12v, 5watt
Battery 6v, 4.5ah Rechargeable
LED 10mm Red Flash Super Bright LED
Total of LED 102PCS
Anatomy days 4 - 5 days
Burning Hours 35\'000 to 55\'000hours
Blinking Rate 30 - 35 blinking per minute
Reflective Sheeting 3M HIP Reflective Sheeting
Warranty 1 Year execpt vandalism

Type of Sticker Size Price Quantity
- 1500mm (L) x 600mm (H) X 45mm (W) (3 Arrow facing) L/R RM 0.00